Biodiesel 101

An Introductory Guide to Brewing
And Using Biodiesel in Arizona

Final Verion: 1.15
Posted April 2, 2013


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Hardcopy Option COMING SOON

My manual is open source and costs nothing to download. However, I will soon make an abridged printed version available for those of you who prefer to read paper and/or have a hardcopy handy for reference.  Revenue generated from distribution of the hardcopy will be used to cover printing costs and maintain the website.

Free Biodiesel Manual

Timelapse of Vegetable Oil Transesterification

This is a 15-second timelapse video of what the biodiesel-rendering process looks like when observed in a masonry jar. This sample was removed from my processor; it contains waste vegetable oil, methanol, and sodium hydroxide. The solution is heated, mixed, and allowed to settle. The clear layer that materializes at the top is unwashed biodiesel. The dark layer on the bottom is gylcerin and can be used to make soap

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Last Updated on April 2, 2013

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